I’ll get back to the biopics soon.  To speed things up, I’m only commenting on the previews and series.

Shojo Beat July 2008

Preview:  Sugar Princess by Hisaya Nakajo

It was a lengthy preview and it’s about figure skating so I was helpless to resist.

Story:  Maya is recruited by a coach to learn figure skating.  She has little experience but much enthusiasm to do her best.  Her enthusiasm is dampened by the snobbish but cute guy Shun that her new coach wants her to pair with.

I really don’t like her character design.  She looks like a blank slate.

I was amused by the sparkles when Maya first sees Shun skating.  It was even funnier when she demotes him from ‘Dazzling Diamond Prince’ to ‘Cubic Zirconium’ due to his rudeness.  Maya is easy to identify with.

Preview: Short Tempered Melancholic by Arina Tanemura

This is a a short preview but it’s enough to establish the set up.

Story: Kajika comes from a family of ninja and though she’s supposed to keep it a secret, she performs amazing physical feats when accidents occur.

She looks cute in a ninja outfit.

Unfortunately, I really didn’t like the setup.  She has to give up her unladylike ways to win the approval of Fujisaki whom she likes.  Apparently, it’s unladylike to rescue a child from being hit by a car.  I like it better when the conflicting sets of values have some merit.

Series comments and spoilers….

Vampire Knight

Story this month: The vampires have a formal gathering.  Naturally, Yuki gets mixed up in the politics seeping through the occasion.

The editor Nancy Thistlewaite compares the vampire soiree to a Regency ball. I’m not sure that I see it as Jane with fangs but the vampires appear to have an elaborate and hierarchical social protocol.

The final panel, in which Yuki comforts Kaname, is lovely.

Gaba Kawa

Story this month: Rara loses more powers and she and Retsu get closer.  It’s an interesting situation that Rara has gotten herself into.  She must either die or kill her crush.  I wonder how the author is going to resolve it.  Likely bring up the ‘become human’ clause at the last minute.

Good bits:

Rara crashes through the ceiling on the otaku, a cat girl fan by the looks of it.

Awwww.  She thinks she’ll lose her tears if she cries over a human.

The ghost’s parting gift to Rara was his used gum.  Nice.

Unworthy bits:

Retsu and Rara’s mouths look odd when they kiss.

Haruka – Beyond the Stream of Time

Story this month: Tenma confesses his love to Akane.

He’s very passionate but I don’t expect he’ll have much success.

Sand Chronicles

Story this month: Fuji and Ann got an amusement park.  Shika confronts her stalker.

I pity Ende.  First Shika dates him just to feel a connection and then her stalker beats him up for being with her.

I don’t know that Shika will  confess to Daigo but this installation was certainly dramatic.  Daigo’s her knight in shining armor.

Fuji unburdens himself of his childhood misery, his unrequited love for Ann, and that he’s dropping out of school.  Then he scampers.  I don’t know about Ann but I’m convinced he doesn’t have a care in the world.

Honey & Clover

Ch. 21

Story this month: Hagu has been kissed by Morita who has since left.

Poor high-strung Hagu getting sick before any important event in her life.  She looks pitiful in her sick bed.

Interesting that Hagu has a choice between two men and it’s not obvious which one is the ‘right’ one.  She’s calm around Takemoto and that makes him about the only object which doesn’t threaten her.   She’s stressed by Morita but, if she cares for him, maybe that will expand her boundaries a little.

Liked Morita’s SF room.

Ch. 22

Story this month: Takemoto ponders whether or not Hagu is in love with Morita.

Interesting that Takemoto acknowledges he’s not on the same artistic level as Hagu or Morita.

It’s chapters like 22 that make me pleased that I subscribe to Shojo Beat.  I would have never bought the first volume because the loose, sketchy art style and the broad humor didn’t appeal to me.  Then I would have missed this series which delights me.

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