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Shojo Beat August 2008

Preview: Mixed Vegetables by Ayumi Komora

Story:  Hanayu wants to be sushi chef, but rather than training for the part, she decides to marry into an established sushi-cooking family.

The wide mouths and solid pupils just don’t work for me.  The storyline annoys me too.  I would have preferred an arranged betrothal that sparked her interest in sushi.

Preview: Wanted by Matsuri Hino

Story: Singer Armeria disguises herself as a cabin boy to revenge herself on the pirate who abducted a kind boy named Luce.

At this point, I ‘m a dedicated Hino fan, so pirates just make it better.

I prefer her lighter series to her drama like Vampire Knight and this series appears to be more on the comedic side.  Did I mention it has pirates?

Spoilers after the break…

Gaba Kawa

The story this month: Rara must choose to die or to kill the boy she likes.

The conclusion of Gaba Kawa disappointed me.  It was bad enough that I’ve decided not to buy the graphic novel.

The good bits:

–Rara tries to choke Retsu to no avail.

–Bibi proves to have a personality and some initiative – why wasn’t she the lead character?

–Rara asking the passerby, “Have you seen me around?” Bibi had taken on her appearance to destroy Retsu.

The rotten bits:

Rara’s dress that Retsu gives her is  ugly.

–Unconvincing confession on Retsu’s part that he ‘loves’ Rara.  (I excuse Rara on the grounds that she’s ignorant of human relationships.)

–Retsu & Rara each insisting on dying for the other.  “No, no. Let me die.”  “I wouldn’t hear of it, let me die.” More like an old fashioned comedy routine than anything affecting.

–Retsu on the bridge after losing Rara.  At least he didn’t scream, NOOOOOOOOOO!

–Rara takes over coma girl’s body.  Trite.

–The coma girl barely looks like Rara, doesn’t act like her at all and doesn’t remember Retsu.  I hate this.

–Retsu wins award for creepiest manga stalker BF.  Yuck.

Haruka Beyond the Stream of Time

Story this month:  there is an imposter princess abroad.

Go imposter princess!  Maybe you have more personality.

I was amused by Akane’s terror over one of the guys committing seppuku.

Sand Chronicles

The story this month:  The fallout from Fuji’s disappearance is covered.  Ann notices that Shika is attractive and might pose a threat to her relationship with Daigo.

Daigo and Ann’s talk after the downer of a Christmas party was silly and touching.  They are fun when they are fighting and sweet when they are loving.  I like this couple.

Ann’s friend offers false comfort for Ann’s fears about the pretty Shika.  “Even to the sympathetic eye, she’s got the advantage when it comes to looks.”  Heh.

Crimson Hero

The story this month: Nobara has a rival on her team named Kanako.  Kanako is fun.

Honey & Clover

ch. 23

The story this month: It’s about dogs.

At first reading, I thought that it was a Japanese belief that humans were reincarnated as dogs.  I’m pretty gullible.  If Midori was ever a human, she was a total jerk.

We see Mayama’s first encounter with Harada.  He’s always talking about how weak and dependent she is.  His first view of her seems a strong one, I think.  I agree with him that she’s been damaged but she’d do better to stand on her own.

ch. 24

The story this month: Ayu chooses a yakuta to impress Mayama.

Poor, poor Ayu.  She does look lovely.  I don’t feel as impatient as I should with her because it is difficult to stop caring about someone even though it’s hopeless.

Hagu’s quest for the perfect Yakuta was funny stuff.

I much enjoyed the frame by frame transition of Ayu’s expression of pleasure to one of pain.

Vampire Knight

The story this month:   Kaname proposes that Yuki become a vampire.

Whew!  After the opening scene, I couldn’t concentrate on the rest of this installment.

Of Yuki’s two suitors, Kaname is by far the more seductive.  Especially with all that, “live the long flow of time with me.”

I’m still thinking that Yuki could do better than a vampire but of Zero and Kaname, I’m betting on Kaname.

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