Here we go into the fall months of Shojo Beat

Shojo Beat September 2008

Preview: Blank Slate by Aya Kanno

The story: Amnesiac Zen encounters Russo, a bounty hunter.

Atmospheric piece of storytelling.  The characters are these introspective, sensitive killers.  Not my brand of shojo.

New Series: Honey Hunt by Miki Aihara

I’m excited about this series because I like her art style but I couldn’t endure reading Hot Gimmick.  The premise was squicky to me.  I’m hoping this series will work for me.

The story this month: Downtrodden Yura tires to cope with being the daughter of  famous and indifferent parents.  Then her parents become involved in a scandal and Yura can’t take it anymore.

I guess the story is going to be about Yura recreating herself outside her parents’ shadows.  Yura’s in a difficult situation but everyone she turns to has their own agenda.  I wonder if she’ll develop any backbone over the series.

Series and Spoilers after the break…

Crimson Hero

A lot is going on in the pages but I didn’t read it.

Haruka Beyond the Stream of Time

Yasuaki in the pool under the flowering branch was a beautiful image.  The black butterflies surrounding Akane was a striking image too.

Sand Chronicles

The story this month: Fuji’s roommate and cousin confronts those closest to Fuji.  She uncovers some of the reasons behind his disappearance.

Emotions running very high in this installment – goodness!  Shika gets the worst of it as always; she’s not invited to the conference.

Then we move to the equally emotional New Year’s day and the anniversary of Ann’s mother’s suicide.  Ann tells Daigo that he just doesn’t understand.  Shika rightly informs Ann that she’s not the only one living with pain.  Love triangle!  Daigo will win no matter how it plays out.  The next chapters will be interesting as each of the four main characters deal with the upheaval.

Honey & Clover

ch. 25 Loved Hagu as a Disney girl.

The story this month: Mayama dreams about Rika.

The dream that supposedly summons a person didn’t really work for me.  Plus, unlike other chapters, nothing changed for the characters and no new information was given to the reader.

Good bits:

–the zoom/rewind memory of Mayama

–the discussion of the cicada life cycle bringing them to a gloomy contemplation of their lives

ch. 26

The story this month: Ayu acquires a buyer for her potter and several potential suitors.

Icky bits:

–The Italian twins

Good bits:

–Mayama ties up Nomiya’s hair rather than let Ayu touch him

–Ayu’s forcefully reminds Mayama and Nomiya of their duties.  Mayama and Nomiya cower.

Vampire Knight

The story this month:  Yuki visits the Vampire Hunter library to dig up her roots.

Not much happens but a lot of mysterious hints are given.

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