The Dollhouse Cast
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I watched Dollhouse on line today.  I was expecting a really shoddy program from all the negative reviews.

It wasn’t that bad.  Geez.

I’ve covered the basic premise already.  The  pilot introduces us to the Dollhouse – a sort of spa/summer camp/villain’s lair.  Pilots are rarely my favorite episodes of Whedon series but this one does the job.

Echo (Eliza Dushku) is beautiful in a kind of world-weary rather than vacuous way.  Lot of critics said Dushku didn’t have the necessary range, but she looked happy when she was having fun and scared when things were going bad.  I was worried for her at the crisis of the show.  What she did worked for me.

Topher (Fran Kanz) the mad scientist was annoying but smart.  I don’t like his character but I’ll be interested to see what he does.

Paul Ballard (Tahmoh Penikett) is an FBI agent investigating whether the dollhouse exists or not.  The boxing thing was kind of obvious and went on and on and on.  Hope they cut that crap out.  I don’t particularly like the Cassandra-prophet characters but I’ll give Whedon time to show why he’s there.

Boyd Langton (Harry J. Lennix) is a good guy, and thoroughly likable. I hope he doesn’t fall in love or become happy or he’s dead.

The story: Echo is chosen to negotiate the ransom for a little girl.  Of course, things go horribly wrong.

The motorcycle race, the boxing match and all the guns did not appeal to me much.  I prefer the science fiction and character exploration to the gun play.  Maybe they drop this stuff if it becomes successful.

Oh man, I wish Joss wasn’t working for Fox again.  I could use some weekly salty goodness.

episode 1 GHOSTS

episode 2 THE TARGET

episode 3 STAGE FRIGHT

episode 4 GRAY HOUR



episode 7 ECHOES

episode 8 NEEDS


episode 10 HAUNTED

episode 11 BRIAR ROSE

episode 12 OMEGA


3 thoughts on “Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse “Ghost”

  1. hrm, I’d like to see it at some point. If you have any free time for me to utilize let me know.
    I hope Fox doesn’t screw him, you know why there is an excess of violence and weaponry? Because he is trying to appeal to the masses…..Sadly, the cuts into Joss’ creativity.

  2. I read somewhere that Joss got creative control on episode 6. That is probably a false rumor but…. It barely felt like Joss. Not funny. All action. All surface.

    I missed the last one too, and will have to find it online again.

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