Shojo Beat October 2008

Preview: We Were There by Yuki Obata

The story:  Nanami begins high school but it’s not as easy socially or academically as she’d hoped.  Plus, there’s that very rude Yano.

It’s all about a cute and normal girl in high school who’s not having the easiest time of it.  The preview was long enough but felt a little disjointed.  I personally think that when Yano mislead Nanami that that was ruder than her forgetting a  person’s name.

Preview: Captive Hearts by Matsuri Hino

The story: Spoiled rich boy Megumi warns to his dismay that his family is cursed to serve the members of another family.

Good length for a preview.  Cute premise but I hope it’s short since there’s not much place it can go.

Spoilers ahead…

Honey & Clover

The story for chapter 27:  Nomiya confronts Mayama about his real motives toward Ayu.

Nomiya’s theory that Mayama is keeping Ayu in reserve is likely true.  However, few relationships only have one facet.  I think, on some level, Mayama actually does care about Ayu.

Nomiya amuses me because he is so direct with Mayama.  Everyone else is so discreet and hints too much.

I love the soba dinner Nomiya takes Ayu on.  She’s cute being embarrassed about trying on Mayama’s coat.  I don’t know if the creator has more plans for them but I do like them together.  Nomiya is so self assured and Ayu is so volatile, and it would be fun to see them try to date.

The story for chapter 28:  Mayama briefly considers Ayu and then returns to stalking Rika.  (that was a neutral summary, wasn’t it? I’ll elaborate.)

Mayama disturbs me how he’s acutely aware of Rika’s vulnerability.

She has survived her husband’s death, injury from the car wreck, and changes in her job.  This is strength on her part, not weakness. I wish he were aware of that part of Rika too.

Then he offers to drive her home after she declines to offer him employment and then just drives around for awhile.  That is considerably less appealing of him.  Mooning over her is one thing but his “assault” joke then this.  Most  unpleasant.

Honey Hunt

The story this month:  Yura thinks that she’s wreaked havoc but it’s only a ripple as her parents effortlessly spin the story.

Keiichi, the unflappable manager, is not appealing  to me as a character but he may be Yura’s only friend.  On the other hand, he is working for her parents.

Q-TA behaves strangely.   Asking her to marrying him so that he’ll be his idol’s son-in-law.  That’s pretty creepy even if it is a joke.  He seems to have no sense of humor, which I doubt.  He is pretty, and perhaps his high-handed ways are meant to be attractive.  Yura may be looking for someone with a stronger personality than herself.

She needs a parent.

Haruka Beyond the Stream of Time

Tenma manages to look cool several times in this installment.

  • Tenma yelling in front of the fence
  • Tenma shutting down Akane’s dumb plan.

Akane lying unconscious in the petals is pretty too.

Crimson Hero

Skipped it.

Vampire Knight

The story this month:  Aido and Kaname’s backstory.

Aido was adorable as a kid.  I don’t have the ability to express how perfectly cute he is.

I welcome a little depth to the vampires ’cause they’ve been posing elegantly long enough.  The characters definitely needed more definition.

Kaname’s big reveal at the end of the chapter can’t be a surprise to anyone.  It does make me hope that things will pick up shortly.

Sand Chronicles

The story this month:  The relationship between Daigo and Ann is strained after her bitter words.  Ann learns what became of Fuji.

The subplot inolving the glamorous Haruka was good.  I like seeing the teens interacting with a grownup who is not an authority figure.  Most of the adults in their lives are more lost causes than they are role models. She’s rather inspiring.  It’s also good to see Ann and Fuji taking care of kids.

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