Iris (2001)

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Cover of "Iris"
Cover of Iris

So,  this biopic is about Iris Murdoch’s struggle with  Alzheimer’s.    I have not read any of her works and I know very little about her.  I was again hoping for illumination on her personality and her importance in general.

I must say that her personality while she was in health was extremely unpleasant.   She had past her writing period in the movie and so there was not much time spent on it.

The real protagonist of the film was her husband John Bayley (James Broadbent).  It was easy to feel sorry for him.  First, he falls for a heartless, promiscuous woman and later he loses her companionship for the remainder of their marriage.

It’s clear that he loves her despite his occasional frustration and feelings of abandonment.

The most touching part was in the extras.  Broadbent tells a story of his mother’s experience with Alzheimer’s and her last days.

It’s well made and well acted but it didn’t do much for me as a biopic.  It was more the story of her disease than of her life.

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