This is a biopic about the career and very short life (23 years) of Selena Quintanilla-Pérez. She was a Tejano music star and posed to become an international star.

Parts of the movie, particularly the dialogue, were awkwardly written.  Some of the filming choices was a little off too – the split screen and the dress shop scene were poorly done, in my opinion.  On the other hand, there is a lot of energy in the musical numbers and Jennifer Lopez is endearing in the starring role.  I enjoyed her family dynamic that was not toxic but not always easy.  The movie made me think her childhood and teen years were very hardworking ones. Her courtship and marriage was sweet and seemed plausible enough.

I felt I learned a little about Selena’s life and her place in music.  I came away with the idea that Selena must have been amazingly charismatic – everyone seems to have fallen under her spell.

The executive producer for the film was Selena’s father.  So,  the movie, understandably, ellipses that part.   Afterward,  I read a bit more abut the murder. The argument was apparently a long and increasingly bitter one before the fatal shooting.

Overall, a nice story about a nice girl who died too soon.


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