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Finally got back to watching this series.

In this episode, Gray Hour,  we find Echo (Eliza Dushku) delivering a baby and then becoming part of a heist.

I swear to God, the boss of the Dollhouse,  Adelle (Olivia Williams) has a modified Bride of Frankenstein hairdo in this episode.

Agent Ballard (Tahmoh Penikett) who is investigating the Dollhouse continues to bore. It’s not the actor, just the role.  Usually Whedon’s characters are at least as savvy as his viewers but not this time.  I feel like we’re waiting for him to catch up with the rest of us and that makes me impatient with his scenes. Moreover, Ballard‘s personality is not likable enough to help me forgive his pointless existence.

Echo‘s handler and savior Boyd (Harry J. Lennix) continues to be bloodthirsty and pure-hearted.

Sierra (Dichen Lachman) is way cool and the actress seems to disappear into her roles better the Dushku. However, this could be that when I look at Echo, I mostly see Faith.

When Alpha shows up, he’d better rock.

I have to say that the degree of malice towards the female characters is very high in the episode.  I hadn’t noticed it in the previous ones.

My explanation contains spoilers…

1) The episode begins with a woman moaning in a cabin in the mountains.   She’s got her head thrown back and someone is obviously between her knees.  It is revealed that she’s in labor and Echo is delivering the baby.  (not funny)

2) I realize that it was all a set up and Echo beat up the hotel security guard in the end.  But the scene lasted far too long with Echo appearing to be bleeding from being beaten by two guys.  And then Echo appearing to be facing a pay off by the hotel management. (unpleasant)

Then, Echo‘s safe-cracking skills are wiped.

3) A man on her team says she is showing “hysterical woman syndrome” ; he hits her; he calls her a bitch; he threatens to shoot her.  He’s the same man who asked her on a date.  He even implies that despite his profound contempt for her, he’ll still go out with her. (distasteful)

4) After she is wiped, every character who talks to her calls her stupid.  Even though it is not her fault that she’s lost her memory, no one (except Boyd) acknowledges what she can do and does do under the circumstances. She even rescues one of the people who insulted her. (highly distressing)

5) Topher (Fran Kranz) orders his lab assistant Ivy (Liza Lapira) to buy snack food and when she objects, he threatens to not train her.  She capitulates and he tells her the humiliation is for her own good. (not funny)

6) Sierra is pissed because she, as Taffy, didn’t get the heist job and she insists on being paid in cash.  She is the only one who doesn’t know that she is the second Taffy that’s been on the job.  Nobody minds paying her because she’ll forget it as soon as they wipe her. (not funny)

My days of not taking this show seriously are certainly coming to a middle.

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episode 10 HAUNTED

episode 11 BRIAR ROSE

episode 12 OMEGA

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