The Vampire Diaries by L.J. Smith
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I’m excited!  I just learned that L. J. Smith‘s Vampire Diaries might coming to CW.  Smith’s series has been compared to Stephenie Meyer’s but I think her series are more fun.  They are just as romantic but a little more grounded.

Vampire Diaries is the story told in 4 books of Elena who is pursued by two vampire brothers.

Rachel Thomas quotes Variety on the casting:

Variety reports that former Lost star Ian Somerhalder has snagged the role of Damon. Nina Dobrev (Degrassi: The Next Generation) has been cast to play Elena and Paul Wesley (Everwood) joins the cast as the 200-year-old Stefan. Dawson’s Creek mastermind Kevin Williamson will be the executive producer for the series.

Nina Dobrev to be Elena.
Ian Somerhalder to be Damon
Paul Wesley to be Stefan.

I’ve read several of her series but the Night World series is my favorite, especially Spellbinder (scroll down a bit).

A snazzy fan blog for the TV version of Vampire Diaries .

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38 thoughts on “Vampire Diaries on TV

  1. im upset about them getting rid of Meridith and aunt Judith but damon and stefan were casted well

  2. Hi Scarlet Rose,

    I didn’t know that Meredith and Aunt Judith were gone. I guess they have to simplify. I’m looking forward to seeing Stefan and Elena and Damon come to life. It’s going to be fun.

  3. Hi Muuaak,

    I did notice that Nina Dobrev is not a blonde. They don’t seem to be adapting the book very carefully. Do you think they’ll do a good job overall or will they mess it up completely?

  4. Thank you so much for the link! We really appreciate it, though I should point out we’re not an official site but a fansite. 🙂

  5. Hi Vee,

    My apologies. It says ‘fan-site’ right on the top bar. *face palm*

    It just had such a clean layout and cogent posts, I thought someone was paid for maintaining it.

    I’m so glad to know other people are fans of L. J. Smith too. Here’s hoping the series is a success and very good.

  6. Honestly? It’s a huge compliment when people mistake it for official – means we’re doing what we set out to do! So thanks for saying so.

    It’s certainly an exciting time to be an LJS fan, that’s for sure.

  7. i didn’t know Meridith was out you cant keep Bonnie and not her as well and I am very disappointed with her not being blond i hope they don’t mess up one of my fave books!

  8. HATE THE CAST. Elains- Blonde, bue eyes. Stephan and Damon are soposed to look ALOT like eachother, and Damon is soposed to have Black eyes.i THINK the cast is just stupidly done. I FOR ONE, WILL N.O.T. BE WATCHING THIS SERIES

  9. I hear you about the cast – I’m especially disturbed by Elena’s casting. They typically put blondes in roles where they shouldn’t be at all. Why change now?

    On the other hand, I’m too curious about the show now. I have to watch it.

  10. I WOULD AGREE WITH THAT 2 i mean if the book says the character is a BLONDE WITH BLUE EYES then the actor should 2 thats just craxy if they messed up then they will lose lots of viewers thats all im saying!!!

  11. I agree I don’t like that Elena has black hair and that some of the characters are gone and switched around but I mean think about it. If L.J.Smith made her TV show the same way she made her book than everyone would know exactly what was going to happen and people would get bored with it. I mean I wish she could have stuck to the book but a lot of people would have freaked out that she stuck too close to the book just how we’re freaking out about how she didnt stay close to the book. O_O I guess no one can win here….Oh well. I’m still going to watch it. It looks awesome and I am a huge fan of L.j>Smith’s books. My fave though is NIght World. I wish she would make a TV show of that.

  12. Hi Karen Hi Lilith+

    I’ve been reading some preview stuff and most people are saying that Vampire Diaries is a ripoff of Twilight. That may be why they cast a dark haired Elena so she’d look like Bella.

    It irritates me that that Vampire Diaries is said to be inspired by Stephenie Meyer when Smith began publishing it in 1991. Even the True Blood show is based on a series that began publishing in 2001. But more people know about Twilight than these other stories, so not much can be done.

    I like the Night World series better too. I don’t think Smith has much control over what they do to her story once she sells it. Wouldn’t it be great if the original authors could affect the movies? I guess you’d get stuff like Mirrormask and Sin City.

  13. Yeah I know. A lot of GREAT vampire books have been around for years and yet somehow Twilight comes out and everybody likes that and they read other vampires books and say their copying off of Twilight or their comparing it to Twilight. That drives me crazy. I mean I’m a big Twilight fan but I’ve loved vampires for years and I especially don’t compare vampire books to other vampire books. I think thats just being critical and mean to the author. That would be really cool if the original authors could affect the movies than they’d be exactly or almost exactly how the author wanted it to be. ^^

  14. I agree. One of the great things about vampires is how they can be altered so much and still be interesting. They have all kinds of weaknesses and origin stories, and I still read them all (well, a lot of them).

    I like Twilight a lot too. But it’s a shame that so many people think that Meyer is the first one to write about vampires.

    What other vampire books have you read? I’m always looking for new ones.

    It could be that authors could get more control if the movies were cheaper and made for web distribution. That may be a pipe dream but I think it would be great.

  15. I’ve read ALOT. I’ve read Vampires kisses, Vampire Academy, suck it up, peeps, City of Bones, All the Anne Rice books, Boys that bite, Blue bloods, Tantalize, Jessica’s guide to dating on the dark side, The silver kiss, Blood and Chocolate, Vampire Beach: Blood Lust, Bloodline, Evernight, Evermore, In the forest of the night, Shattered mirror, Tithe is a really really good book even though its not about vampires its about faeries lol AND A LOT MORE….my list could go on forever…

    What other vampires books have you read? I am always looking for new ones as well.

    True. There’s this one show on Its called I ❤ vampires and its an awesome show. Each episode is only about 180 seconds long but its still amazing you should check it out if you do not already know what it is. ^^

    Indeed. I agree that would be great.

  16. Wow, thanks for the list. Some of those I’ve read or at least heard of but some I haven’t. What are Evernight and Evermore about? And Vampire Beach?

    I’ve read Silver Kiss, Blood and Chocolate, a few Anne Rice books, In the Forests of the Night, Sunshine, Anno Dracula, Even Vampires Get the Blues, Night Play, Dead until Dark and so on…

    I love fairyfolk! I like War for the Oaks and Wicked Lovely, and Hollow Kingdom. I’ll have to check out Tithe – sounds good.

    I’m just getting starting watching web series, so I hadn’t heard of I ❤ Vampires. I'll definitely check it out.

  17. Evernight is about a girl Bianca who has to go to a Academy even though she doesn’t want to. Her parents are always telling her that she’s going to become a vampire somedya and that her lust ofr human blood will take over but she never believed them until she fell in love with a boy named Lucas and bit him. But after Lucas got bit a lot of trouble began to happen. ^^

    Evermore is about sixteen-year-old girl named Ever who can see auras, hear people’s thoughts, and know a person’s life story by touch all because of a horrible accident that claimed the lives of her family . Going out of her way to shield herself from human contact to suppress her abilities has branded her as a freak at her new high school—but everything changes when she meets Damen Auguste…

    Thats so cool I’ve read some of those books.

    Me too. I’ve read a lot of fairyfolk books. ^^

    Good. Its definitely a good series. : D

  18. I’ve just been watching the beginning of I ❤ Vampires and it is good. What a nice day, a whole bunch of new vampire books and a new series to watch.


  19. I know I love that show its gets better and better. What a nce day, indeed. ^^

  20. I’m upset that they cast Nina Dobrev as Elena. She’s supposed to be blonde haired and blue-eyed, no? And she doesn’t have a younger brother! Their not sticking to the book and I think that will take away from the series.

  21. i think that Elena was totally cast wrong. i mean the actress is pretty but it such a big point in the book that Elena is a blonde. it ridiculous to me. and i think that they totally cast Stefan wrong too. i mean the guy that plays Stefan is cute but i pictured him alot better looking. i think this may become one disappointing series.

  22. i think that Elena was totally cast wrong. i mean the actress is pretty but it such a big point in the book that Elena is a blonde. it ridiculous to me. and i think that they totally cast Stefan wrong too. i mean the guy that plays Stefan is cute but i pictured him alot better looking. i think this may become one disappointing series. with all the changes there making it just wont be half as good as the books were.

  23. Elena has blonde hair in the book.. i think that she should have blonde hair in the movie.. and i think that Meredith and Aunt Judith should be in the movie cause they are a part of the book to.. and who is elena gonna get into that argument with….duh
    and it would make it more realistic if she had BLONDE hair and not black or brown.

  24. Hi alyssa, juliette, and maya,

    I was reading L. Jane Smith’s blog today, and she seems just as worried.
    She says:

    “Elizabeth also said that besides Elena’s hair being changed the girl herself is rather vulnerable and accessible–two words I would never use to describe the Elena of Vampire Diaries 1. ”

    Here’s the link:

    Anyway, her agent seemed to like it pretty well.

  25. I think that there (the acters/charecters ) are perfect for the part and they all got the look …if they didn’t would people be watching there show or leaving commentes on a web site about them?????!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 vampire dairies IS the next thing to twighlight saga movies 🙂 😀

  26. Well, the show has had time to win people over. I think you’re right that its popularity makes it clear the casting worked well.

  27. I love the book AND the tv series of vampire diaries nd even though Nina Dobrev (the person who plays Elena and Katherine) looks more like you’d expect Meredeth to (and Caroline looks like what you’d expect Elena to and Elena isn’t adopted in the book nd Stefan didn’t pull her out of the when her parents drowned and all the crap about compasses nd extra rings nd Vikie Bennet becoming Matt’s sister nd Matt is best buddies with tyler nd they havn’t put Dick or Miss Flowers or Meredith in but have added A WHOLE TOMB OF VAMPIRES INTO IT and ALL THE OTHER STUFF THAT MAKES IT DIFFERENT FROM THE BOOK…) but all that aside I LOVE NINA DOBREV!!!!!!! She is pretty nd plays her part so well that I keep on forgetting that she is Both Elena AND Katherine. (And that’s another difference between the book and the T.V series, Elena’s ment to be stronger than Katherine and in the first book she is fire burning inside ice ‘Where Katherine was a white kitten Elena was a snow white tigeress’ but in the the T.V series Elena’s really nice and kind and sweet and Katherine wasn’t with both brothers because her haert was open to anyone and her mind isn’t fragile, she DELIBERATELY plays around with both brothers, lying to them and turning them againt eachother for all eternity nd not even bothering to tell Damon she was out of the tomb untill he figures it out for himself!)

  28. Oops, I made a couple of spelling mistakes there.
    To my defence though I only just got out of hospital today.

  29. I must confess here that I haven’t watched the TV show at all, despite all my excitement. You’ve managed to intrigue me again and I’ll make an effort to see it.

    Of course, they have to change books to make them fit the demands of TV drama. I’m glad that Nina Dobrev is as appealing as she should be. You make the differences very clear and in some cases, like making Katherine more active, I can understand why they did it.

    I wish you good health, and thanks for commenting.

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