Here I am catching up on my Shojo Beat again.  I’m almost done with 2008.

Preview: St. Dragon Girl by Natsumi Matsumoto

The story: Momoko, who has a weakness for pandas,  is the teen daughter of martial artist.  Her childhood friend and crush is Ryuga who is from a powerful wizard’s family.  Momoko gets accidentally imbued with a dragon that Ryuga summons to battle the Lake Serpent.

It seems to be aimed at a younger audience. The artwork is simple and shows the emotions clearly.  Plus, there are oodles of pandas.  It’s nice enough but didn’t grab me.

Spoilers Ahead

Honey Hunt

The story:  Keiichi sends Yri to one audition after another, at which she uniformly fails.  He luck changes when she meets Q-TA again.

I really like Miki Aihara’s art style – it’s sleek and appealing.  The characters features turn into rectangles and Yura’s big dark pools of eyes amuse me.

The series is causing me some discomfort on behalf of Yura but perhaps she’ll gain courage and hope as the story progresses.

Vampire Knight

The story: Aido investigates Kaname’s parents’ murder.  Yuki ponders her past (again).

Another dramatic installment packed with intrigue which I enjoyed.

I felt disgusted with Zero this time.  Though I know that he believes drinking Yuki’s is the only way he’ll survive, it doesn’t excuse his manner of procuring it.  I don’t appreciate that he asks for her blood while she’s feeling vulnerable about her past.  I also don’t appreciate that he takes too much blood and she has to push him away.  The scene feels violent.

Haruka: Beyond the Stream of Time

Tenma’s growing up fast – he’s less of a schoolboy and more of a man like the other suitors in Akane’s court.  I was disappointed in the depiction of the dragons – they were nowhere near as magnificent as they could have been.

Crimson Hero

To my astonishment, I read this chapter.

The story: Nobara is adjusting to dorm life again.

I was highly amused by how much time was taken with Nobara’s “grown up” panties being viewed.

I enjoyed the scene with Rena’s solitary practice as well. It seems that the interaction between Nobara and the boy’s team and Nobara and her own team are my favorite parts.

Not bad.

Honey & Clover

Ch. 29.

The story: Mayama has left his job in hopes that he can work for Rika again.

I am beginning to like Mayama less and leses. Even if Rika is as full of guilt and self-hatred as Mr. Asai suggests,  Mayama shouldn’t use that as an excuse to push his way back into Rika’s life.

Ch. 30.

The story: Ayu gets a taste of her own medicine – being pursued by someone she can’t love in a romantic way.

I do love it when Ayu kick Takemoto and Hagu shoos away the angel ‘escorts.’  There haven’t been enough funny moments lately.

Sand Chronicles

The story: Fuji returns home and Ann confronts Daigo.

The innocence between Daigo and Ann is gone.  They’ve hurt each other and that will take some effort to heal.

The shock of it.  Shika kisses Daigo which can’t make his life any easier.

The big-eyed crying by Ann in the last panels was most effective.  I love shojo manga.

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