Enchantments, sword fights, great sartorial descriptions, lovers sundered, and bloody death.

William Shakespeare, a middle school teacher,  returns home to find his wife Nan and his baby daughter Susannah missing.  He investigates and finds their disappearance has something to do with the People under the Hill.  In other words, Shakespeare faces off against the fairies.

As I mentioned before, this book has a slow build up, so that Hoyt can establish the setting.  I personally could have used the fireworks starting a little earlier but then, that may be a flaw in myself.

However, once the story proper starts, it was thoroughly absorbing. The descriptions of the fairy kingdom alone were delightful.  Then there was a cracker-jack plot, based on one of Shakespeare’s plays.  Then, there was the charm of picking out all the famous lines from the plays, and figuring out which character had its double in Shakespeare’s plays.  It was a treat to pick out the familiar bits.

There were several good romances.  The love story of Will and Nan was my favorite but they were all touching.

I adored this book, and I plan to track down more of Hoyt’s titles.


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