Finally done with 2008! Now on to this year.

Shojo Beat December 2008

SPOILERS on the series…

Vampire Knight

The story: Summer vacation is over and pent up passions erupt.  Like a volcano or something.

There was much symbolism in Kaname’s gifts to his beloved and his enemy and I’m surprised they surprised the weight of it. A beautiful rose in status for Yuki and a demon doll for Zero. I enjoyed Kaname’s ‘dire script’ dialogue when describing the gift to Zero.

Kaname’s love confession to Yuki was pretty and dramatic. It was deeply manipulative, so I couldn’t describe it as romantic though.

The real treat of this installment is the fight between Kaname and Zero. It’s difficult to ignore the Yaoi subtext between Zero and Kaname as they duel. Then Kaname offers his blood to Zero who accepts it! High drama! Yuki is going to be left behind as the love triangle rearranges itself. (I’m not serious but it would be amusing.)

Honey & Clover

Chapter 31
There was a lot of activity in this chapter but I don’t have much say about it.
–I like Miwako’s seeming senioritis and the way she catches the error made by the others.
–Ayu’s dealing with her realization that stalking is unpleasant.
–Takemoto destroys his senior project and still comes out ahead. Bizarre.

Chapter 32
The story: Takemoto gets sick and everyone rallies to his side.

–I like Takemoto’s stefather and I was glad to see him again.

Honey Hunt

The story: Yura goes to her call-back for the noodle company.

She is intensely naive — it will amaze me if she survives all this.  It’ll be pure luck, or authorial manipulation,  if she succeeds at besting her mother at popularity.

The soap opera continues with Yura getting kissed by rival cute twin brothers (Q-TA & Haruka).

The storyline is irrational but I find I am enjoying it.


The tengu was cute. I wish he’d been allowed to wreck more havoc on the palace. I also enjoyed the panel in which he holds the chopsticks which look the size of pool sticks. I’d buy the model of that.

Crimson Hero

I started to read this but I got confused about which character was which and gave up.

Sand Chronicles

The story: Ann and Daigo suffer in their separation.

I liked this installment a lot – the mirroring of Ann confiding in her friend Asa and Daigo confiding in his boss. Much soul searching, deep emotion and some thoughtful scenes all of which I love.

Daigo has a temper explodes with Ann but I can’t see how this would surprise her. It’s the second time he’s rejected her.

This is easily my favorite series running in Shojo Beat right now.

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