X-Men: The Animated Series episode releases
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I had given up hope that the 1990s animated X-Men would be released to DVD.  Many thanks to Johanna from Comics Worth Reading for noting its release.

She comments that the voice acting is not the best and the writing and animation is a bit subpar too.  She concludes that “I’m probably too old for this, not having a young love for superhero action or a nostalgic fondness from when this first aired.”

Personally, I have an enormous nostalgia built up for this series, and, unlike  the series Freakazoid, I have no expectations that it’ll be good.

In fact, one of my strongest memories is of Juggernaut proclaiming, “I’m COMing for you, ChARles exAAAvier!!!! Nothing can STAND in meye WAAAY!!!!”

But I was introduced to the X-Men and the Dark Phoenix storyline through this show.  My friends and I started collecting the comics too.

I’m thrilled to be able to see it again, crude animation and overwrought performances and all.

In passing, I was most disappointed in the live-action version of the Dark Phoenix storyline.  The comics’ Jean displayed unbridled destructive glee.  The movie Jean just seemed pissed that she’d lost her dry cleaning.

However, Hugh Jackman is better than any other incarnation of Wolverine.

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