Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse “Echoes”

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This is the Dollhouse’s Band Candy episode in which everyone loses their inhibitions temporarily.

College students on Freemont Campus are having psychotic episodes due the release of a experimental psychotropic drug. The Dollhouse sends out teams to help the affected.

The opening sequence with the college student and the flies was highly disturbing.  There is an unnerving amount of physical pain on this show.

What is it with Echo and motorcycles?

I was surprised that Agent Ballard and Mellie weren’t on the run.  Apparently Agent Wrong-Page is convinced that he’s not in danger from the Dollhouse.  Silly, silly man.

Poor Mellie.  She deserves a better personality implant than the one they gave her and she deserves better than Agent Wrong-Page and his Laura-like fixation on Echo.

Echo – well, we get a lot of Echo’s history to chew on in this episode.  I feel churlish for saying this but Caroline was annoying and Echo is definitely a personality upgrade.   I didn’t feel much sympathy for her friends either.

I did like the guy she befriends this time, Sam (Mehcad Brooks).  He seemed capable and smart.

Boyd only gets a little screen time but he makes the most of it.  Don’t die, Boyd!

Victor gets to be a character that has some authority and slickness as the NSA agent.  I was very pleased because he plays too many characters who barely have it together.

As with Echo, we get a sneak peek at Victor’s past, and I’d like to learn more.  Poor Sierra had to relive the episode Man on the Street.

Topher was even more twitchy and hyper-articulate than ever; I did like his “drawer of inappropriate starches.”

De Witt was not particularly revealing of herself when the band candy drug affected her.  Dominic, however, was hilarious.  I suddenly have a modicum of sympathy for the wretched character.

Not a bad episode.  I didn’t feel much emotional connection with the characters but it was entertaining.

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