Action Comics #1 (June 1938), the introduction...

In my excitement over the release over X-Men the Animated series, I starting think about my favorite superheroes.  I’m not a serious fan of them but I have liked them a lot.

I’ve read some of the early superhero comics – and it’s refreshing to see their early incarnations.  Superman was kind of sarcastic in the early stories, Lois Lane was hard boiled (and had no time for a wimpy reporter).  The situations that he got into were more real – domestic violence and hostages – than some of his later adventures.

Wonder Woman was rather ugly in her earliest version but she was defender of women trapped in bad situations.  I liked her urging women to leave stifling or abusive situations.

Spider-Man is adorable in the first issues of his comic book.  He’s funny, pitiable and has a raw, youthful enthusiasm that’s thoroughly appealing.

Fantastic Four’s earliest adventures reminded of the adventures of Sindbad.  I especially enjoyed the story in which they became pirates. There was also an emphasis on the use of their powers in daily life and a bit about the psychological effect of their magic powers on them.

The 1990s was the time that I was really into superheroes.  There was Batman the Animated Series with its impressive opening theme and its adult sensibility;  there was X-Men the Animated Series with its poignant Dark Phoenix Saga.  My sister collected Sensational She-Hulk whom we both adored.  Other friends collected The Tick, which is still my favorite superhero parody.

Nowadays, I only see superheroes in the movies.  I liked Toby Maguire in the Spider-Man movies.  I enjoyed Batman Begins cause I’ve liked Christian Bale for a long time but I haven’t yet seen the sequel.

I’m feeling nostalgic about these superheroes and I thought I’d post a series about my favorite characters and stories.

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