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As I stated before, my sister started collecting Sensational She-Hulk comics in the 1990s.  I read them with her and even bought a few issues to shorten the waiting time between issues.  Eventually, we read the entire run of 60 comics.

I don’t know the original She-Hulk.  The covers on the early issues make her seem much less civilized than the She-Hulk we knew.

The artist that developed the premise and tone for the “sensational” series was John Byrne – I liked his art because it’s uncluttered.  I like uncluttered a lot.

Apparently, Byrne is considered to be suspect in portraying women.  I don’t remember anything weird or unpleasant with her comics though something might be there.  Nevertheless, I’m working on memory, and that memory says She-Hulk was  fun.

Another artist on the series was Bryan Hitch whose art I enjoyed even more than Byrne’s.

In the sensational series, She-Hulk stays in one form: she is permanently strong and green. She has no secret identity. I like all these things about the series.

She delighted in her looks and abilities and was a good sport no matter what silly adventure she found herself in.  She knew that she was in a comic book and sometimes took advantage of it.  The most memorable of these times was when she tore out of the regular page and ran across an advertisement to sneak up on the enemy.

Occasionally, there was a satirical issue on media licensing or religious oppressiveness.  Mostly, her adventures were kinda wacky with her being nearly married off to the Mole Man or facing off against a Yeti-like monster guy.  My favorite story had her investigating a crime with Santa Claus.

I’m not sure why I feel fonder of her than of Wonder Woman but it may be in part that she lacks the gravitas that I associate with Wonder Woman’s character.  She is indomitable of spirit. She is reassuringly down-to-earth when encountering strange events but also exotic in her stature and green skin.

Recently, my brother pointed out that she had a 2004 comics series.  He was disappointed that I wasn’t interested.  One reason is that I don’t buy uncollected comics any more and the other is I don’t want to read a different approach to her character.  I don’t think I’d like to see her in a movie either.

I was reading her when I was in college which was a busy and sometimes stressful experience.  Perhaps I felt that her good-humored approach to solving problems (not to mentioned smashing them!) was what I longed to be able to mimic.     Although I don’t have much interest in her now, I still have a soft spot for Shulkie.

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