So, I’m starting a new theme for my movie watching, like my horror movies, and the mysteries, and the biographies. I’m still not done with the biopics – ugh.

This time, it’s science fiction films in chronological order.

This was a tricky list to compile. For years, I had shunned horror movies and so had some catching up to do, and mysteries are just not my favorite genre. But I like science fiction so I was forced to throw a few B movies and a few obscure movies on the list. I have a list of alternates in case some of these become unavailable or my fellow viewers and I change our minds.

At any rate, I’ve had Aelita on my movie wish list for ages and now it’s at the top of the list. I’m pretty excited about it. I’ve also started but not finished THX 1138, so that’s going to be good.

The movies I have seen before: Westworld; Alien Nation; Thirteenth Floor; and Interstella 5555. We all like Westworld (up with killer robots!). My companions hadn’t seen the others which I liked and want to see again.

The movies I had not heard of before: The Man in the White Suit; Dr. Renault’s Secret; Fortress; Koi…Gil Maya.

It was suggested watching movie pairs such as, The Time Machine (1960 & 2002) , The Planet of the Apes (1968 & 2001, and War of the Worlds (1953 & 2005). But they were mostly vetoed. I think nobody could bear to sit through the remakes.  ….I have seen the 2002 Time Machine.

This theme is going to be fun and feels just right for summer.

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