I’ve never watched American Idol before season 8 and I never will again.

See, I had been reluctant to watch it because reality shows are simply not my favorite TV genre. They are generally too fake.

Plus, Idol is a cheesy show, everyone knows that whether they’ve seen it or not.

At the beginning, I prevaricated about it.

“What this?  I was just flipping channels.”

“No, I can’t do that on Tuesday evening.”

“Or on Wednesday.”

“Well I can, if it’s before 8/7c.”

But, American Idol is entertaining, especially the beginning with so many unique personalities and so much yowling.

No doubt Ryan Seacrest wrestles demons we have no inkling of.

Furthermore, Simon Cowell is hardly the vicious beast his reputation would have him be.

The program prompts a few questions…

Is the manipulation of the contest usually this blatant or is it just this time around?

Why are the Ford ads so bad?

Why is the show running longer with fewer contestants?

Why were there so many wretched guest singers on the elimination episodes?  Especially the disco week.  *shudders*

Why does the USA get Kris Allen and the UK get Susan Boyle?  Not fair.

Next year, I’ll be skipping the time-sucking, padded, meaningless, non-contest.

Mostly because I wish Allison Iraheta and Adam Lambert had quit the whole, dreary thing already.  I want to listen to their debut albums now!

Adam Lambert
Allison Iraheta


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