Official word that Shojo Beat is ceasing publication July 2009.


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4 thoughts on “Shojo Beat – no more

  1. Well, they claim it’s because of the economy. Shoujo is my favorite kind of manga and now a big resource has dried up.

    I’m very, very disappointed about it. (obviously).

  2. That’s a shame! I really like shoujo, too. I didn’t get Shoujo Beat very often, but it was always helpful in introducing new series.

    I’ve been looking around your blog–seems pretty interesting. By the way, if you haven’t watched “The Last Man on Earth,” you should. It’s the perfect hokey horror film. I love it! I did like “I am Legend,” too, but there’s just something about the classics that…you know, seem classic. 😉

    Okay, well, hope you do well with your blog!

    Jyaa mata!

  3. Thanks for your nice comments. I’ve heard that Yen Press is folding this summer too. *sigh*

    I just finished watching Price’s “Last Man on Earth” – in which he is excellent. I will post a review – at some point.

    Your site looks like fun. I especially like that you’ll be reviewing webmanga – I can never find those. I’ll be checking back.

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