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I stopped reading blogs on ‘mainstream’ N.A. comics because each time I did I felt angry and depressed.  But once in a while, I still run into these girls-drool-boys-rule news items.

A new post on Comics Worth Reading is about gender targeted contests and articles.  The L. A. Times article “Girls’ Guide to Comic Con 2009” caught my attention.

Charlie Jane Anders rips it apart, and the final line made me laugh.

Thom Zahler is so incensed that he’s giving away free comics.

Anyhow back to the article.  It was meant, I think, to convey that not only does Comic Con permit females to attend but they might find one or two events enjoyable.

I pointed out on CWR that the second sentence reads, “And it’s not all just about the influx of squealing “Twilight” girls, either.”  Well, and good.  Nothing like alienating fans of a popular author like Meyer.  But the best part is that the article points out that werewolves are hot; vampires are hot; guys in mecha suits are hot; vampires are hot; reptilian aliens are hot.  It’s not that I disagree, far from it.  My question is why the digs at paranormal romance fans and then direct your comments to that audience.

At long last, I’m a fan of Dollhouse.  However, it’s a little off-putting to find an Active/Doll referred to as butt-kicking. Sure she is, just like Pinocchio. It’s also painfully amusing to read that Echo is “airheady” not that she is drugged and that her mind is constantly wiped.

And the only interest any woman could have in Whiteout and Inglourious Basterds is their hot male actors.


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