Books I read in November 2009

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1. All Together Dead by Charlaine Harris
2. Getting Rid of Bradley by Jennifer Crusie
3. California Demon by Julie Kenner
4. Juniper by Monica Furlong

I was busy last month and it’s evident that I didn’t spend my free time reading.

Sookie continues to walk a morally questionable path.  It helps that everyone she associates with has no conscience whatsoever.  It’s interesting to see how she’s changed.  I have a suspicion that she wouldn’t go back to her morally sound and uneventful life, even if she could.

Getting Rid of Bradley – It was fine.  Not one of my favorites but it’s hard to out and out dislike Crusie.

California Demon – Very perky.  Imagine a first season Buffy Summers as a soccer mom/demon killer.  Lots of fun to read.

Juniper – Fairly serious magical girl story.  I liked it quite a lot, especially since the protagonist’s fate was not what I expected.  I need to read Wise Child now.

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