1. Holiday Affair (1949) – fluffy, old-fashioned Christmas story.
  2. Castle 2:1 – fluffy mysteries.  I like Nathan Fillion and his daughter together.
  3. My Name is Earl 3:4  Did not like season three.
  4. Nana (2005) Live action version.  Very sweet and youthful.
  5. Heroes of Horror 1.  Decent biopics of the horror stars.  Vincent Price and Boris Karloff were interesting people.
  6. No Reservations 1:2.  I am assured it gets better as it goes along.
  7. Man from Elysium Fields. (2001) Incompetent drivel.
  8. New Moon (2009).  Better than the book.  Still painful.
  9. Princess and the Frog (2009).  Loved, loved, loved it.  Might be too much for tykes.
  10. The Squeakuel (2009).  Corrine Bailey Rai’s Put Your Records On in squeaky-voice was amusing.  Otherwise, not much recommend.
  11. My Name is Earl 4:1.  Season four is starting off well.
  12. Battlestar Galactica (2003) the miniseries.  This held my attention during a painful and difficult holiday.  I really enjoyed this.
  13. Julie & Julia (2009).  Julia Child and her husband make an adorable couple here.

Lie to Me the series had very weak scripts and I decided to drop it.

Color of Magic just didn’t appeal to me, although I have no real complaint about it.

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