Just some movies releasing in the beginning of the year that I’d like to see.  Some of these I’ll watch at home.

Daybreakers – SF Horror.  Scientist opposes the dominant species: vampires. I like some mad scientist in my vampire flicks.

When in Rome – Romantic Comedy. Girl in Rome pursued by unlikely suitors. I like Rome on film and have a soft spot for Kristen Bell. seen

Lightning Thief – Fantasy Adventure.  Teen tackles the Olympians.  I’m a sucker for Greco-Roman mythology.

Wolfman – Horror.  Please, let it be anything but embarrassing & lame.

Shutter Island – Thriller.  Man investigates a missing patient at a hospital for the criminally insane on an island in a hurricane.  Intelligent and heartwarming, I’m sure.

Cop Out – Buddy Cop. Kevin Smith directs.  I’ll watch it but I dunno.

The Crazies – Horror.  Something’s in the water.  I like its simplicity.

Hot Tub Time Machine – Comedy. Four men time travel to the 1980s. They admit in the trailer that it’s stupid.

The Runaways – Biopic. Looking forward to this one although I don’t know their music.

Clash of the Titans – Fantasy. Perseus kills CGI monsters. Liked the original for its effects mostly.

How to Train Your Dragon – Fantasy. Viking named Hiccup adopts a baby dragon. I’ll watch it mostly because it’s animated.

Mother – Drama. Mother hunts for murderer to exonerate her son.

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