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Recently, I found an old copy of Danny Dunn and decided to reread it.  Most of the series books I read as a kid such as are disappointing now.  I wasn’t expecting much but I thought Danny Dunn, Scientific Detective was surprisingly readable.

Danny’s mentor Professor Bullfinch builds a scent-detecting security system for a large department store.  The managers basically are identified by their unique scent print. When Bullfinch goes off to a conference and one of the managers goes missing, Danny, Irene and Joe use the scent-detector to track him down.

Irene was as much a scientist as Danny, though she wasn’t the leader of the group.  Joe played Watson, helping the authors give facts to clarify what was going on.

My favorite in the series was the “Smallifying Machine.”

The books move quickly and except for their science geekery, the kids and the adults speak and make decisions that are reasonable enough.

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