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Tagline: Mammoth skyscrapers of stone thundering across the earth!

Directed by John Sherwood (Pillow Talk)

Actors:  Grant Williams as Dave (The Incredible Shrinking Man), Lola Albright as Cathy.

Screenplay:  Norman Jolley and Robert M. Fresco (The Alligator People)

Plot:  A meteor crashes near a small town.  A geologist takes a sample back into town and he and the local newspaper editor grouse about how boring life is in a small 1950s town.  The next morning, his partner and our protagonist, Dave finds him stone dead.

But that’s just the beginning.  His girlfriend Cathy and her student, a little girl named Ginny , also find the meteor in a separate trip to the desert.

Comments:  Interesting monster (giant growing rocks that suck the silica out of you).  It seems to be more of a science fiction movie and not a disguised horror film. The scientist examines the evidence and conducts experiments and tries to figure out how to control the alien menace.  I liked that the ‘monster’ was non-sentient and that people believed it fairly readily and no one dismissed it out of hand.

The little girl was frankly creepier before she encountered the rocks.

It’s a lot of fun watching the giant rocks crash their way to the small town.  Not a bad monster movie.

Suggested by Cullen here.  Thanks.


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