Here’s my capsule review of this retelling of Dracula.

Title:  Bram Stoker’s Dracula

Author:  Michael Burgen (script) & José Alfonso Ocampo Ruiz (art)

Genre/Subgenre:  Horror/Retelling

Format: Graphic Novel

Publisher/Date:   Stone Arch Books/2008

Comments:  The retelling is serviceable enough, and I’d give it to a kid to read in place of the original novel.

The basic story is retold without waste and something exciting happens on every other page.  There is a considerable amount of “educational” content in the back, a summary of vampire lore, writing prompts and a link for FactHound.

The artwork is also serviceable – lots of blacks and browns in each scene.  The character’s features and bodies are rounded, which makes them seem about 15 or so.  Mina wears purple a lot which makes her stand out from the men’s brown and black clothing.  Van Helsing also has the buoyant look of the others but he is unshaven which puts him in his early twenties.  Dracula himself is angular with lightning shocked hair – clearly he is other.

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