I’m sad to watch the final episode of  My Name is Earl.  I didn’t like the episodes in which he was in prison or was in a coma much. But the rest of them were stupendously funny.  Joy and Randy were my favorite characters but Patty the Daytime Hooker comes in a close second.  I do hope that the creator Greg Garcia makes something else because I would quickly become a fan of his.

Though dated,  I enjoyed the Batmania documentary, and I learned a few things from it too.

Alice in Wonderland was so-so, although I liked the costumes.  The conclusion annoyed me.  I don’t understand why some forms of imaginations were privileged over others.  A friend pointed out that the movie was generally opposed to relationships and it’s true.  Every single relationship is consumed with lies, bitterness, misunderstandings or domination by cruelty.  I was annoyed that it was so easy for Alice to go off on her own to be a business woman in Victorian England.  There were women who did do adventurous and amazing things at that time but it was at an immense cost – sometimes life threatening.  It cheapens what they did, as if women who didn’t become business women were stupid and lazy.  Also,  was there really an ending of colonialism, yay? Oh, dear.  likeawhisper had similar thoughts, and has a lot of other interesting points to make.

When Batman Beyond first aired, I didn’t have the time to watch it but now I’m enjoying the series a lot.  I am disappointed not to find one of those obsessive fan sites detailing trivia about each episode but this one is pretty good: World’s Finest.

  1. My Name is Earl 4:4
  2. Batmania from Comics to Screen (1989)
  3. House 2:5
  4. Charmed 3:6
  5. Batman Beyond 2:2
  6. Il Mare (2000)
  7. Alice in Wonderland (2010)
  8. Batman Beyond 2:3
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