Fall in Love Like a Comic
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Got some father’s day presents and other small gifts for family.  Also bought a container of gold glitter paint for work.

Most importantly, I bought the second volume of  Fall in Love Like a Comic by Chitose Yagami.  A very young artist thinks that having a boyfriend will improve her romantic stories.  He’s happy to oblige. It’s cute and at two volumes, easy to complete. I also bought Black Bird by Kanoko Sakurakoji.  She also made Backstage Prince which was sweet but a little bland.  Black Bird’s premise promises a little more spice.  It’s about a girl and her demon would-be lover.  Finally, I bought Tail of the Moon by Rinko Ueda.  A pathetic ninjette needs to marry an accomplished ninja and reproduce to secure her place in the clan.

Lastly, I bought this journal which I’ve been coveting for years.  I kept hinting I’d like for birthdays or Christmas to no avail.  Now it is mine.

I put back Leonard Maltin’s classic movie book but maybe that was a mistake.  I may buy it later.  I also put back Nana vol. 1 , Spice and Wolf vol. 1, Love * Com vol. 1, and I couldn’t find volume 1 of Otomen.

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