So, my sisters and I went to see Eclipse.  Sib B has read all four books but Sib R and I have only read Twilight and New Moon.  Sib R suggested the midnight showing but I laughed at her as we both had to work the next day.  Sib B’s husband was invited but he opined that he’d prefer paying someone $7.50 to repeatedly stab him in the arm.

We saw women wearing the Team Edward/Team Jacob shirts.  A good number of them were not teens or preteens.  When Jacob showed up, the females in the audience crowed.  One guy cheered when Edward killed someone.

We sat in the front of the theater and behaved in such a way to make us shoe-ins for special hell.  In short, we laughed at everything but the jokes.

My favorite digs were these:

Edward and Jacob are about to squabble over Bella and her dad steps in between them. Then Sib R quipped for Charlie, “Now, now, we all know I have the biggest penis here.”

In the second scene, Edward and Jacob are in a tent and they come to the conclusion that each was a good chap despite being a mortal enemy.  I said for Jacob, “Edward, I can’t quit you.”

Sib B and I really liked the tiny bit when Alice and Jasper are fighting and then they kiss at the end.  They had more chemistry in 20 seconds than Edward and Bella do in all three movies.  Also, Rosalie as Uma Thurman surprised me into laughing.

On the way home, Sib B pointed out with some fervor that predators don’t sparkle.  Sib R and I pondered this, and agreed that predators were good at camouflage.  But, if you think about it, Edward does not really want Bella for her nutritional value:  he wants to breed her.  And she does breed.  So, the sparkle is merely to denote that Edward is a peacock and Bella is a peahen.

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2 thoughts on “Watching the Eclipse (movie)

  1. One of the major drawbacks about Meyer’s writing is that she tends to bludgeon her readers into thinking certain ways about her characters. In the earlier books she made Jacob a likeable character, almost eclipsing Edward in some ways (yes I said eclipse) and then realizing this she quickly and bluntly made him into a cad. A good writer leads her readers with nuance and word-smithing she does not use cattle prods and razor-topped fences. This is just one example of that kind of coercion. Entertain me don’t compel me.

  2. Hee hee! (for the eclipse comment)

    Yeah, the whole turning Jacob into a thug was difficult to take. Especially since he’s more or less the good guy again in Breaking Dawn.

    You know, the whole I’m in love with Bella, no I’m imprinting on her daughter bit? That’s about as appetizing as Luke and Leia’s kiss in the Empire Strikes Back.

    I’ve just finished reading the book Eclipse – you might enjoy my comments if you check back.

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