Cover of "Premonition (Widescreen Edition...
Cover of Premonition (Widescreen Edition)

So,  I was stuck one evening with nothing to watch.  I was at Wal-Mart to buy a toy for my niece.  That accomplished, I went over to look at their movies.  Other than a few horror movies and a bunch of kid cartoons, I had seen all they had to offer.  I saw this movie, Premonition (2007) and it starred Sandra Bullock as Linda and the guy from Nip/Tuck, Julian McMahon as Jim.  I think I paid $7 for it.

Linda is a housewife who seldom brushes her hair or wears real clothes.  She has two adorable daughters and somewhat distant husband, Jim.  She is doing her household chores one day when a cop knocks on the door and announces that her husband has died in a car accident.  Linda is stricken with grief but her emotional equilibrium is really unbalanced by waking up to find her husband alive and well.

She’s in some kind of time warp or maybe she’s having visions of the future or maybe she broke down mentally when she learned about her husband.  There’s no telling.

The good:  Sandra Bullock is not particularly winsome in this movie which is refreshing.  The premise is intriguing – what if you could know the future? How would that change you and your relationships with others?

The confusing:  the out of sequence story doesn’t make a lot of sense (there was an extra in which the director explains it).  I didn’t watch that because I feel he could have done that within the movie.  Why were there all those horror music and sound cues?  What was the dead bird all about?  Why bother to tell the story in this convoluted way in the first place?  What kind of woman is pleased when her husband buys them a house without even letting her see it?  How did the little girl manage to break that glass?  The only time I saw that happen in real life, the kid got a bump on her head, she didn’t break it.

The bad:  Linda is either crazy and catatonic or crazy and frantic.  She’s also distanced from the audience and she’s hard to sympathize with at the end.  I wish they had just made a drama out of one woman’s emotional journey and let us understand her and come to care for her future.  Or, they could have made a distaff version of Primer.  Then I could have pondered the ethical implications of time slips, etc.

In conclusion, the next time I’m craving light entertainment, I resolve to avoid the offerings at Wal-Mart.

Cenfantastique.  Said it much more eloquently than I.

Moria.  More positive review but dropped an anvil at the end.

Reelviews.  Balanced assessment but reviewer was not satisfied.

Commentary Track.  Positive take on the movie.

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