Belated Booklist for B

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This is for you, B-

Remember when I promised to think up a summer reading list?  Yeah…

Most of these titles are funny.  A lot of them are older because I thought you might not have heard of them.

  1. An Old-Fashioned Girl / Louisa May Alcott (1870) Historical.  Poor but proud girl falls for rich, feckless boy.
  2. Powder and Patch / Georgette Heyer (1923) Historical.   “Geek falls for cheerleader” plot set in Regency England.
  3. Gaudy Night / Dorothy Sayers (1935) Mystery Series.  At her college reunion,  she is stalked by an murderer out-of-control grudge-holder.
  4. Mara, Daughter of the Nile / Eloise Jarvis McGraw (1953) Historical.  A young linguist becomes a spy in Ancient Egypt.
  5. A Thurber Carnival / James Thurber (1960) Humor, Short Stories.
  6. The Moon is a Harsh Mistress / Robert Heinlein (1966)  Science Fiction.  The Moon rebels from Earth.
  7. The Hot Rock / Donald E. Westlake (1970) Caper Series.
  8. The Clairvoyant Countess / Dorothy Gilman (1975) Mystery, w/Sequel.  A psychic solves mysteries.
  9. Another Fine Myth / Robert Aspirin (1978) Fantasy Series.  A loser magician hires a demon as his teacher.
  10. So You Want to Be a Wizard / Diane Duane (1983) Fantasy Series.  Two kids find a manual for wizards.
  11. Moonflash / Patricia McKillip (1984) Science Fiction, w/Sequel.  A girl escapes her suffocating community.
  12. A Natural History of the Senses / Diane Ackerman (1990) Nonfiction.
  13. Wild Magic / Tamora Pierce (1992) Fantasy Series.  A girl can talk to all animals.
  14. Dead Until Dark / Charlaine Harris (2001) Mystery/Fantasy Series.  A vampire walks into her bar.
  15. Jenna Starborn / Sharon Shinn (2001) Science Fiction.  Jane Eyre in space.
  16. Bet Me / Jennifer Crusie (2004) Romance.
  17. Peeps / Scott Westerfeld (2005) Horror, w/Sequel.  Vampire boy struggles to be good.
  18. The Lightning Thief / Rick Riordan (2005) Fantasy Series.  Demi-god must prove his innocence.
  19. Freaks: Alive On the Inside / Annette Curtis Klause (2006) Fantasy.  “Normal” boy runs away from the circus, gets in a real mess.
  20. American Born Chinese / Gene Yang (2007) Graphic Novel.

Now, I’m waiting for yours.


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