Martin Gardner (1914 – 2010) Mathematician, Science Writer.  His annotation of Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass is highly entertaining.

Ruth Park (1917-2010) Author.  Playing Beatie Bow is an excellent time travel story.

J. D. Salinger (1919-2010) Author. Catcher in the Rye

Sid Fleischman (1920-2010) Author. The Whipping Boy. Newbery medal.

Patricia Wrightson (1921-2010) Author (fantasy). The Dark Bright Water. Hans Christian Anderson medal.

Donald H. Tuck (1922-2010) Bibliographer.  Hugo medal. The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction and Fantasy

Eva Ibbotson (1925-2010) Author (fantasy).  Which Witch? and The Secret of Platform 13

Sharon Webb (1936 – 2010)  Author (fantasy). Earth Song trilogy

Erich Segal (1937 – 2010) Author and Academician. Love Story

Harvey Pekar (1939-2010) Comics writer. American Splendor and Our Cancer Year.

Stephen Joseph Cannell (1941 – 2010)  Mystery writer and TV show creator.  Appeared most recently in the TV show Castle.

Takeshi Shudo (1949-2010) Main writer for Pokemon.

John Steakley (1951-2010) Author (sci-fi and horror).  Armor and Vampire$ (much, much, much better than the film by John Carpenter).

Stephen Perry (1954 – 2010)  Scriptwriter. Thundercats cartoon and comics.

Jennifer Rardin (1965-2010) Author (paranormal fiction). Jaz Parks series.


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2 thoughts on “Writers who died in 2010

  1. I did but I’d like to reread it as it was so much fun. I’d also like to read some of her other books. She was always to supposed to have a happy ending.

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