Pushing Daisies
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I’ve had a run of bad movie picks.  These three I only watched half or fast-forwarded through to the end:  If a Man Answers (1962-antiquated, trite), Emmanuelle (1974-antiquated, idiotic), Love and Other Drugs (2010-mismarketed, repulsive).

Then I watched The Ugly Truth (2009)  – Passable, though the objections to the withered romantic comedy conventions and the anti-woman themes are valid.

All the characters repeated that the female lead Abby was smart which they had to do because she was the dumbest chick ever.  Worse than Sugar in Some Like it Hot.

How I would have changed it:

#1 Make something about Abby likable.  Something. Even Mike had his relationship with his nephew.

#2  Make her problem with men not that she’s so stupid but that she manipulates them the way she does everyone at work.  Thus, she feels contempt rather than affection for her dates.  Mike comes along and refuses to be manipulated and she likes that.

#3  Mike has to have some reason that he loves her.  Elizabeth didn’t accept Darcy’s “I love you against my will” proposal and neither should Abby.

#4 Make the funny parts funny.  Why couldn’t she have come up with a good pitch while wearing the vibrating panties,  why couldn’t the baseball date been about her faking sports knowledge, why couldn’t she be funnier when stalking her neighbor, why couldn’t she and Mike have better banter (or any banter)???

#5 What on earth was the stupid thing about ponytails being unsexy? There might any number of reasons that men would reject these women but I don’t think it’s their hairstyle.

All in all, a sad waste of Mr. Butler.

But finally, my luck has turned with Pushing Daisies season 2 and Zombieland.

Pushing Daisies was no surprise as I thoroughly enjoyed season one.  This is much the same and just as good.  The dialog is almost too much fun.  The plots are quirky to max, and at the same time poignant and grotesque and very funny.  Emerson Cod (Chi McBride) is probably my favorite character, although I like Olive Snook (Kristin Chenoweth) a lot too.  It’s a pity most of my favorite shows are so short.

Zombieland – I enjoyed this movie.  It wasn’t quite the (Shaun of the Dead) comedy I was expecting – more like a road movie with zombies.  Woody Harrelson and Jesse Eisenberg are not my favorite actors but they were perfectly cast for this movie.

quick list of what I liked about it

1. Abigail Breslin (Little Miss Sunshine)

2. The List

3.  Columbus’ cowardice in general

4. snoballs

5. Bill Murray

6.  could watch it with friends who don’t like horror movies


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