Push 2009

One push can change everything.

How do you make a movie of teens with psi powers being chased by ruthless villains devoid of interest?  This movie shows you how.

director: Paul McGuigan

actors:  Chris Evans (Nick Grant); Dakota Fanning (Cassie Holmes)

plot:  Americans Nick and teen Cassie have psi powers who are seeking to destroy the Division, a covert government agency bent on turning powered young people into super soldiers.  Nick and Cassie learn about another young woman who has survived the Division’s usually fatal experiments, and they include finding her as one of their many objectives.

My take:  The Hong Kong setting is vibrant and rough-edged, the character histories are arresting, the acting is passable.  The story faltered and fell flat on its face but popped up and pretended that it hadn’t happened.

In essence, the heroes don’t clear their levels but they get a free pass to the final cut scene anyway.  What’s worse is that they are nonchalant about it, and considering the gravity with which their tale began, it’s just aggravating.

But here’s the good part:

Watchers:  prophets, seers, precognition.

Movers: telekinesis.

Pushers: implant memories.

Bleeders:  super screamers, like the movie Scanners only sillier.

Sniffs: psychometrics.  trackers.

Shifters: illusionists.

Wipers: of memories.

Shadows:  psychic camouflage.

Stitches:  medic, healer.

Tidbits:  I think there’s a comic book which would probably be better.

Conclusion:  You could be forgiven for really liking this movie, it’s a like a preview for another very entertaining movie.


ReelViews – link – positive

Roger Ebert – link – negative & funny about it

AV Club – link – positive

Chud – link – negative

Film Jerk – link – negative


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