A is for Autumn

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Autumn Leaves

I wanted to be as poetic as my sister bloggers but I don’t have anything elevated inside me right now.  So here’s my first (belated) Alphabet of Fun post.

(A for Autumn)

Winter here in Kentucky is awful.  There’s rarely any snow to speak of – the trees are bare and brown, the ground is bare and brown.  It’s usually raining and the sky is sickly pale blue.  I hate it.

Spring is okay.  It tends to be unstable: chilly; sunny; windy; rainy and then tornadoes.

There is one excellent thing about spring here and that’s the yellow-green leaves.  Usually I dislike any yellow-green but this is such a happy, fresh color I can’t.

My brother imagined a conversation between the deciduous trees and the evergreen.

D (goofy, excited, childish voice):    I’m greeeen!  Green  green GREEN!

E (growly, world-weary, curmudgeonly tone):  Photosynthesis isn’t always going be as easy.

D:  What’s fotosinnasis?  We don’t do that, we’re just GREEeeNNN!

E:  Happens every year.  Gotta teach ’em everything.

D: Greeeeeeeeeen!!!!!!!!!

Summer is pretty good.  Every thing feels lush; the grassy fields and the deep green leaves on the trees.  Mellow rains interrupt hot, humid sunny days.

But Autumn is my favorite season.    The sky is a deep blue – a lot like this: .  It’s the perfect temperature, not warm enough to make you sweat if you are out for a brisk walk and not cool enough to warrant sweaters.  The leaves are so brightly yellow and orange and read that they bounce light off people’s faces as they walk along.  It’s rarely windy and the rains are pensive.  It’s so perfect that it sustains me through most of the winter.

  • Autumn (neon86photography.wordpress.com)

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    F is for Flatulence « Kat's Weblog said:
    May 11, 2011 at 4:03 am

    […] Welcome home to me! P.P.S. Make sure to check out Murcia’s Letter A. I gotta say I have to agree on this one. I love the fall and not just because my birthday is […]

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