Buffy Summers
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B is for Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  I am a fan of the Whedonverse.  Oddly enough, my story starts not with Buffy but with Firefly.

Note: You can skip this part and go directly to the comments and tell your own “browncoat story.”

But here’s how it was…

At the time, I was friends with a crowd that talked during movies, and in fact mocked them. It’s not because that we even disliked what we were seeing, we just liked making gibes.  Yes, special hell for all of us.

One evening, a friend came over and brought a new show on disk.  I don’t even remember how he described it.  We settled in; saw the pilot and the second pilot and were kind of insufferable about it.  I think it was Bushwacked when we all went quiet and just started watching.  The evening broke up late and we didn’t say much other than goodnight.

A few days later, the man came back.  He had just gotten in the doorway when our very loud conversations stopped dead.  We all focused on him. He said, “What?”  One of us said, “Did you bring it?  Firefly?”  He shrugged, “I thought you guys didn’t like it.  I didn’t bring it with me.”  There various dissents.  We stared at him some more.  Our spokesperson said, “Well.  Go go it.”   Poor guy didn’t even get to sit down.

(N.B.  We were generally nicer than that to our friends.)

Firefly primed me for BtVS.  I had already planned on watching the series the year it ended.  Years before I had watched the pilot episode and liked it but then my job kept me from watching much tv.  Also, there was this  weird teen next door who would go into his yard after the show was over and swing a stick and pretend to stake vampires and yell, “I’m right behind you Buffy!”

But the show was on Netflix and it seemed like a good idea – especially after Firefly.  I persuaded Kat to join me.  Once a week, we’d ‘buffize’ and watch all 4 episodes one after the other.  It took us several years.

Some of my friends (a mix of fans and not) came over for a party to watch the final episode.  It felt quite emotional to finish it, not only the show but the great time with Kat.

For years, I’d been trying to persuade my brother to watch it with me.   He was doing a job near where I live and stayed for some of the weeknights.  I pounced on the opportunity.  I own season 1 and season 2 and we whizzed through those.  He was much more analytical than I was when I first watched it and his favorite character was Cordelia.  He pointed out that, unlike Buffy, she lost her cheerleader friends but wasn’t accepted by the Scoobies for a long time.  I bought season 3 to keep pace with our watching.

Then I stayed the weekend with him and his wife.  We watched all of season 4 in 2 days.  The biggest compliment I can give it is that marathon watching all the shows didn’t feel repetitive or tedious.  Instead, I felt emotionally wrung out.  Some tough stuff happened in season 4, though nothing to compared to 5 and 6.

I have also been astonished that episodes that I disliked or thought were lacking, didn’t seem so bad this time around.  I don’t feel introspective enough to figure out why.  But it’s nice that season one and season four do not disappoint as much as I remembered.

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