Casey Chuck Sarah

C is for the TV show Chuck starring Zachary Levi.  This is part of our Dictionary of  Fun project.

My timing is never the best and the next season – the 5th – will be the show’s final season.  To be honest, it’s my favorite way to watch TV without the pesky raising and dashing of hopes.  It’s done and ready to watch in long sessions.

From what I’ve read, Chuck has had a troubled history staying on the air.  But they also have had the good fortune of devoted fans who bought Subway sandwiches to support the show.  I had read about the Subway campaign but still didn’t watch the show.

One time, I saw a Christmas episode in which there is a hostage situation (Season 2 –  Chuck Versus Santa Claus).  It seemed grim.  And I thought,  if that’s their Christmas episode  –no sappy? no feel-good???–  then I don’t want to see their regular shows.

Just recently, I saw an episode in an airplane that was very, very funny.  So I thought I’d try it, and I just finished season one.  I can see why people bought sandwiches for it.  It’s very enjoyable with a very engaging cast.

Last week, I showed Beffers the episode Chuck vs. the Undercover Lover, and she laughed quite a bit.  She thought she could convince her brother to watch it with her as it is guy-friendly.

Adam Baldwin, especially in the later episodes of season one (The Crown Vic and The Undercover Lover), is a sheer delight.  I am wishing,  in complete self-interest, that he gets another job SOON that matches his abilities.

Perhaps I should have waited till “L” or “Z” because the actor who plays Chuck Bartowski is a big part of my infatuation with the show.  If I’m reading the world right, many, many people besides me have noticed that he’s handsome, charming, and witty.  He can also sing.

Television Without Pity says Levi couldn’t be cuter if he had a rabbit on his shoulder.  A piece of information that is indisputable.

Here is what I think sums him up.  Oscars: Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi are singing the nominated song I See the Light.  A fan describes his performance as debonair.  After the song, Mandy Moore still looks tense.  He winks at her.  She visibly relaxes and gives him a sweet smile.  Not only is he something of a Prince Charming himself but he brings out the princess or prince in his co-stars.


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