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Just finished watching Pushing Daisies – amazing show.  Felt like crying during the final episode.  I can understand while they canceled it – too expensive and too absorbing for the casual viewer.  It’s a minor miracle that it was made at all.

I seem to have a thing for shows that begin with ‘C.’

Castle (season 2) – Season one was pretty fluffy but I like Nathon Fillion who plays Richard Castle too much to give up on it now.  And the camaraderie between the cast is so evident that  it’s a treat to watch.  I particularly like Castle’s daughter Alexis (Molly C. Quinn).  It’s nice to see a pleasant and level-headed teen for once.

Chuck (season 2)  – As I’ve noted, I’m lot in love with this series.  And I have four more seasons to go.  I’m so lucky!

The Closer (season 5) – I’m not as excited about it as I was when I begin watching it.  But it’s still solidly entertaining and I’m going to watch it till the end of the series – season 7 I believe.

The Commish (season 1) – I’m rewatching this series with a kinder, gentler Michael Chiklis who plays Tony Scali.  I watched it for my mystery movie project and remember it fondly from the early 90s.  The fashions and technology are painfully outdated but the relationship between Tony and his family is just as warm as I remember.

Glee (season 1)  – The soap opera talking parts are not my favorite but Jane Lynch is fantastic and fun and I’m enjoying the energy of the musical numbers.  And I like them even more for inviting Kristin Chenoweth to sing.  It’s nice to see Itty Bitty again after the misery of watching the last episode of Pushing Daisies.

Dollhouse (season 2)  – This show is painful to watch but the season finale, Epitaph One, has stirred my interest again.  It’s intriguing even if there’s no one to love in the series, since all the good characters are automatons.


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