Star Trek 2009 (large)
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Star Trek 2009

The future begins.

I admit I teared up in the first five minutes of this movie.  I think what I liked best about this movie is that it was so much fun.  I didn’t have to excuse it or suffer through poorly done bits – it was just right.

The  story takes place in the salad days of  James T. Kirk, Spock, Uhura, et. al., and they have a rollicking good time and there’s an easily dispatched villain and Old!Spock makes an appearance.

All the actors exhibit a few mannerisms of the originators but they are not too broad.  This was a treat for me to see if I could pick up all the allusions to the role originators or the rest of the Star Trek opus but I’m sure I missed a lot of them.

I wondered if a person who was unfamiliar with the original shows would get anything out of it.  But my friend had never seen any Trek shows or movies and she liked it as much as I did.

I am happily anticipating the sequel.


Fun – Spoiler

Leonard Nimoy on the cast

Gene Roddenberry on his legacy

Zachary Quinto’s casting

J. J. Abrams on Star Trek’s technology

Simon Pegg’s casting

Sulu’s fencing

Spock’s parents

J. J. Abram’s take on the tone

John Cho’s casting

Chris Pine and William Shatner

Zachary Quinto and the Vulcan salute

Chris Pine’s preparation

Conclusion:  Popcorn movie at its finest.



2 thoughts on “Star Trek (2009)

  1. I really enjoyed it and as a little girl I hated the TV show–Likely because I didn’t understand it.

  2. The quality was pretty uneven but there were some good episodes. I think what the Star Trek movie did was take the best aspects of the old show and update them.

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