I went to the Derby City con in Louisville, KY on Saturday with my sib and his wife and we met up with a few friends.

It was the first one ever.  We got there about 11:30AM and we got the orange wrist bracelets and the last two swag bags that they had.  An hour and a half later, our friends just got a sharpie x-mark.  Apparently, they only had 2,000 bracelets available, so I call that well attended.

What we all regretted were missing the panels – not that I wanted to know how to make comics but I love the conversations between the creators and the audience.  Maybe next year they will have more of them.

Because kids got in free, there were lots of kids with their parents and I liked the small game kiosk and coloring stations that they had set up for kids.

Costumes: we saw a Leia, X-men Rogue (the green & yellow outfit), Captain America, Sailor Moon, video game characters that we couldn’t identify, and a Wonder Woman.  There were lots of adorable tykes in Spider-Man and Super Girl costumes.

The vendors mostly sold comics but there were a few tables with figures and other merchandise. The best tables as always were the artist galley.  Tony Moore from Walking Dead was there – his table was pretty crowded but I had neither read the books nor watched the show – I didn’t stick around.

We talked to several creators but the only one I bought from was Len N. Wallace.  His Love Buzz caught my eye.  The artwork was good and it was a published by Oni so I bought it.  My brother knew that I was going to buy it as it had me written all over it.  Another friend said the topic looked painful.  I’ll give my review later.

All in all, we had fun.  We bought good stuff.  I’ll go back.


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