Cover of "Surrogates"
Cover of Surrogates

Human perfection. What could go wrong?

In a world in which everyone has an android avatar, one man seeks out the truth in his own skin.

Tom Greer (Bruce Willis) is an FBI agent investigating the murder of a young man in a case that includes many players and possibly a conspiracy.  He’s also ticked off that his wife is hiding behind her surrogate and partying rather than sharing his grieving for their deceased son.

It starts off really well with the son of the inventor of the surrogates being murdered in a mysterious manner.  It’s mysterious as the human interfacing with the surrogates is not supposed to die even if their surrogate has been killed.  I like the idea of changing one important aspect of society and then examining how that changes the whole of society.  Failing that, I like a mystery.

This movie turned out to be an action movie with some tut-tutting about people using computer mediated communication rather than talking to each other in real life.

It’s an OK action movie.  As a science fiction movie, it’s pretty lackluster.


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