I made a list of movies that I wanted to see in 2010.  Quick recaps on what happened.

Clash of the Titans – Fantasy. Lost interest.

Cop Out – Comedy. Universally panned but I thought it was passable.  The bit in the car was high-quality funny.

The Crazies – Horror.  The sidekick made this worth watching.  Not as good as it might have been but not a waste of time either.

Daybreakers – Horror.   Still haven’t seen this one.

Hot Tub Time Machine – Comedy. Lost interest.

How to Train Your Dragon – Fantasy. Still not seen.

Lightning Thief – Fantasy.  Book is better.

Mother – Drama Lost interest.

The Runaways – Biopic. Still not seen.

Shutter Island – Thriller.  I was warned against this one.

When in Rome – Romance.  I adore Kristen Bell but this was terrible.

Wolfman – Horror.  Troubled production and you can tell it.  Badly done.


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