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Disclaimer:  No gifts were made to me by  I don’t even get those bonus discs my friends get from time to time.   *grrr*

I was inspired by Film Fanatic’s post to reflect a bit on my film watching habits.  Ever since I discovered her site, I’ve wanted a book like Peary’s.  But it’s OK.

Let me take you back to the olden days.  The first VCR that my family bought was about $500.  There were little VHS stores everywhere in those days.

Time passed, and chain stores with bigger stock opened up.  My family were avid movie watchers.  No section was safe from our foraging.  I remember after we had been renting for 2 years, I went to ask the clerk to recommend a movie for us.  She threw up her hands and said, “You watch everything.  I can’t think of anything.”

Later, when I was on my own, I continued to rent movies.  I was constantly getting caught by late fees and coming home with movies that I had little hope for.  Then my brother’s girlfriend (now wife, hey there W!) told me about Netflix.  I didn’t own a computer or a DVD player but I borrowed her computer and signed myself up.

That was in 2002.

I took my movies to my friends’ houses or my parents’ house to watch them.  It was a little difficult.  But eventually, I bought my own DVD.

There were so many classic films that I had read about but couldn’t find. Now I could get them.  So many of them were disappointing but enough of them were stellar, and kept me going.  I have loved movies for a long but now I could watch all the Godzilla/Gojira movies chronologically.  I see Rashomon instead of simply read an analysis of it.

And the extras and commentary.  It really opened my eyes to the process of film-making  and I gained new respect for how hard my favorites worked and how incredibly smart they are.

I discovered Joss Whedon in this period and joined the Whedon cult.  My sister K agreed to watch Buffy with me.  Those are some fabulous memories. (love you K, and thank you for ‘buffyizing.’)

I had read about Bollywood for years but never saw any of it.  My first was Rangeela AKA Colorful. I still love it even though I’ve seen better since.

Quick note:  Hidden Fortress has little to do with Star Wars, you’re better off watching Buster Crabbe’s Buck Rogers serials.

These lists are sampling of  the movies I rented during that time.


  1. The Princess and the Warrior – disappointing.
  2. Rashomon
  3. I, Claudius 1 – vicious, absorbing but questionable history.
  4. I, Claudius 2
  5. South Pacific
  6. Alice’s Restaurant
  7. Hidden Fortress
  8. I, Claudius 3
  9. Titan A. E.  – underrated.
  10. I, Claudius 4
  11. Thief of Bagdad  – good fun.
  12. Haxen: Witchcraft through the Ages – unpleasant.
  13. Sailor Moon 6
  14. Record of Lodoss War A
  15. Record of Lodoss War B
  16. In the Realm of the Senses  – deeply unpleasant.
  17. Wind Named Amnesia
  18. Masque of the Red Death
  19. Nosferatu  – still effective.
  20. Yellow Submarine


  1. Candyman
  2. Dil Chahta Hai – good fun.
  3. Ringu – pair with The Ring for a good cinematic experience.
  4. 1776
  5. Serial Experiments Lain 4
  6. Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 1, disk 1  – Sarah & Joss.  ♥♥♥
  7. Stan Lee’s Mutants, Monsters and Marvels
  8. Once Upon a Time in Mexico
  9. Sleeping Beauty
  10. Court Jester
  11. Ginger Snaps – excellent
  12. Buffy the Vampire Slayer 1:2
  13. Nightmare Before Christmas
  14. Monsoon Wedding
  15. Firefly disc 1 – can’t stop the signalmostly.
  16. Grosse Point Blank
  17. Kon-Tiki – these guys were badasses.
  18. Henry V
  19. Buffy the Vampire Slayer 1:3
  20. Firefly 2

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