Tokyo Godfathers
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After I got accustomed to how Netflix worked, I stopped getting the latest releases and went for the older or lesser known movies.  I realized that I had gaps in my viewing, and that there was a broader selection of kinds of movies to watch.

Here’s where I began watching documentaries:  American Nightmare; Mad Hot Ballroom; Paper ClipsOur Daily Bread; This Film is Not Yet Rated.

I was disappointed in a couple of television shows and stopped watching TV shows on disc for awhile.

I began watching fewer touted anime series. Then I discovered Satoshi Kon’s wonderful films, which are like Studio Ghibli for grownups.  High quality, immersive and provocative.

K and I came to the end of Buffy.  It was emotional and we had a final episode party. (This was before season 8.)

At this point, I began the first of my genre movie projects.  I picked horror because I refused to watch horror movies till I went to college.  Too much of a cowardy-custard.

I’m glad I wasn’t blogging when I started watching horror movies because I think I would have triggered a vigilante group.  One time I mentioned a a certain horror movie was awful and, judging by their reaction, I ruined my friends’ childhood.

I did find a few gems, and it was worth it.  Horror seems to be one of the easiest genres to do and one of the hardest to do well.   The only classic horror movie now I haven’t seen is Rosemary’s Baby.  I keep meaning to.


  1. American Nightmare – excellent.
  2. A Shot in the Dark
  3. Millennium Actress – the late Satoshi Kon.
  4. Monsters Inc
  5. Smallville 2: 1
  6. 12 Monkeys – nicely done.
  7. Smallville 2:2
  8. Caddyshack
  9. Sailor Moon Pegasus 1
  10. Hope and Glory
  11. Smallville 2:3
  12. Vanity Fair
  13. Heroic Legend of Arslan 1
  14. Mallrats
  15. Smallville 2:4
  16. Guide
  17. Xfiles 1:1
  18. Marmalade Boy 1:2
  19. Sailor Moon R: Promise of the Rose
  20. Ella Enchanted


  1. Tokyo Godfathers – again by Kon, a must-see.
  2. Buffy the Vampire Slayer 7:2
  3. Eat Drink Man Woman
  4. Azumanga Daioh 2
  5. Buffy the Vampire Slayer 7:3
  6. Battle Royale
  7. Buffy the Vampire Slayer 7:4
  8. Buffy the Vampire Slayer 7:5
  9. Akele Hum Akele Tum
  10. Dead Like Me 1:1
  11. Funny Girl
  12. Kaleido Star 2
  13. Memories – Kon scripted Magnetic Star, electrifying.
  14. Dark Water
  15. Kaleido Star 3
  16. Kaleido Star 4
  17. Cube – girl mathematician!
  18. Stir of Echoes
  19. Kaleido Star 5
  20. Kaleido Star 6

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