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The difficult days continued. However, I got a part-time job.  There also was an upsetting family crisis, which is mostly resolved now.

I began the science fiction project, and thoroughly enjoyed the early movies.  But my watching companions had so much going on that they couldn’t continue it with me (see crisis), and I lost interest after the 1970s scifi movies.  I did manage to get through my list after hacking out most of it.

I tried later to do a Jane Austen project but I could barely begin.  I think the chronological viewing projects are over for me.

OK, here’s a guilty pleasure.  My sister K used to watch Charmed, and one time I commented, “Why are you watching that junk?”  She stopped watching it shortly afterwards.  Me, full of loving kindness.

The joke was on me because a couple of years later, I started watching it.  And she wouldn’t watch it with me.  I watched 4 seasons.

I got discouraged with it because my favorite characters were Cole (Julian McMahon) and Piper (Holly Marie Combs) and they were paired with my least favorite characters, Phoebe (Alyssa Milano) and Leo (Brian Krause) respectively.  I would have watched it to the end if Combs had been paired with McMahon instead.

Charmed has a lot to be embarrassed about and many other sites will point these flaws out to you.  But I liked it.  I think I liked so much because the fantasy of living in a beautiful house with my sisters appealed to me on a level I couldn’t resist.  Plus, they were magic sisters.

Watched a lot of good movies and series during this time.  When I start losing my memory, I’m gonna watch them all over again for the first time.


  1. Iron Man
  2. A Little Snow Fairy Sugar 1 – delightful
  3. Love*Com The Movie
  4. Last Holiday
  5. Little Snow Fairy Sugar 2
  6. Cat Soup – excellent.
  7. Calendar Girls
  8. Slumdog Millionaire
  9. Vandread 1 – a favorite series.
  10. Rumiko Takahashi’s Anthology 1
  11. Mushi-Shi 1
  12. Little Snow Fairy Sugar 5
  13. Aelita Queen of Mars
  14. Little Snow Fairy Sugar 6
  15. Rumiko Takahashi’s Anthology 2
  16. Invisible Man
  17. Prince Caspian
  18. Curious George
  19. Buck Rogers
  20. Origin: Spirits of the Past


  1. Ponyo – delightful
  2. Educating of Rita
  3. Dangerous Beauty
  4. Vandread Second Stage 4
  5. No Reservations 1:3
  6. Charmed 4:3
  7. Nim’s Island
  8. No Reservations 1:4
  9. When in Rome
  10. Ducktales 1:2
  11. THX 1138
  12. Solaris
  13. Smile
  14. Charmed 4:4
  15. Odd Couple
  16. A Boy and His Dog
  17. Nana 2
  18. Charmed 4:5
  19. Emma 1:1
  20. Charmed 4:6

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