Sarah Michelle Gellar
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Watched the first episode of Ringer last week.  I was a bit trepidations about it because I had read such dismal previews. It wasn’t great but it wasn’t horrible.

However, due to circumstances, I didn’t see the second episode but I’m going to remedy that.


I didn’t really feel connected to any of the characters and whew! there were a lot of them.  Not even the twins that Gellar is playing were appealing.  Everyone was pretty flat and there was no connection between any of the characters.  Gellar was playing to nothing because she’s taken both parts but the other actors seemed to be oblivious to other human beings in the scene too.

Not much of the funny.  The show needs it.

But then Vampire Diaries‘ pilot was the worst I’ve ever seen and now it’s one of my favorite non-nutritional TV shows.


Lots and lots of lies and secrets, and I like intrigue.

Many bad guys skulking about, most of them plotting to kill both Gellars.

Gellar in some glamorous dresses.

The teenage daughter Juliet amuses me, I hope she’ll play a big part.


The cell phone in the trunk with the dead body was amusing, if not really that tense.

I hope they don’t keep the fake pregnancy up as long as Glee did, that was annoying.

Clearly, Siobhan is the evil twin and Bridget is the good one.  Maybe the writers will define these characters a bit more.


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