OK. *gulp*

So, I am a U.S. citizen.  I vote.  I pay my taxes.  I use my turn indicator at 4-way stops when no one is around.  I give blood (not germane but virtuous).

All my life, I have been a Piglet.  For the most part, I feel small and squeaky.  To this day, when I have politely-worded arguments, I feel trembly.

Politics are full of Heffalumps and Tiggers.  Neither type seems to enjoy quietness and small days as much I do.  I leave the blustering and the bouncing to them.

There are all kinds of big threats to liberty to protest.  But there are Christopher Robins and Rabbits who very capably Know What to Do in These Cases.

In my case, there are very little and mostly silent things to do:  giving of small monies and helping Winnie the Pooh fix things up and bringing to notice those whose pain has not been noticed.

While I don’t have much of a voice, it’s due to temperament.  It’s not due to anyone forcing me to be quiet, to not be there.

I think that’s why the PIPA and SOPA issue upsets me so.

I don’t like rich and powerful Heffalumps telling other forest creatures to shush.  I don’t think the Tiggers are the only voices which should be heard.  I don’t think the practical Rabbits and benign Christopher Robins should be sent out of the forest and barbed wire wound around the tree trunks shutting them out.

I especially think us Piglets should be let to poke about in the Hundred Acre Wood.  We are small and of no importance but we have a right to be here.

I have, for the first time in my life, contacted my senator.  My voice definitely squeaked but I said my say.

If you are a Piglet too, please step up and please speak up.

Because if we can’t speak, we can’t speak for anyone who has been hushed.


2 thoughts on “PIPA (the bill) and Piglet (me)

  1. Good on you! It’s time all of us piglets, as you say, stand up and squeak together. SOPA and PIPA must not be passed. These bills are less about the protection of intellectual property and more about protecting the profits and market share of the big media companies that have proven resistant to change and afraid of adapting to new technologies and new ways of doing business. In the end the truly creative individual, such as yourself (Ember still ranks as one of my favorite reads of 2011), gets nothing out of these bills while Sony, Universal, and other entertainment conglomerates will get their right to screw people for money enshrined in law.

  2. Thank you, Robert. I appreciate your and everyone’s efforts to inform us about what’s happening.

    Let’s be optimistic that there are few good men and women in power who can protect us from these power-hungry companies.

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