Movies Not to Miss 2017


Baby Driver – The Wheels in the aftermath of a failed heist.

Battle of the Sexes – fictional telling of Billie Jean King and Bobby Rigg’s tennis match in 1973.  Emma Stone, Steven Carell.  Hope it’s funny.

The Beguiled – A remake by Sofia Coppola of the Clint Eastwood film.  I really enjoyed the suspense of the original.  Elle Fanning, Nicole Kidman, Colin Farrell.

Blade Runner 2049 – A sequel.  Harrison Ford is back but Ryan Gosling is the protagonist.

Free Fire – (already released) Ben Wheatley directs. Action/Suspense.  Not sure of this one.

Dark Tower – Stephen King series. Starring Idris Elba.  I would have thought they would have made a limited series instead.  Releases July 28

Jackie – (already released) Jacqueline Kennedy in the aftermath of her husband’s assassination. Natalie Portman.

Lego Batman Movie.

Logan – Hugh Jackman as Wolverine.  I missed seeing The Wolverine, though.

Murder on the Orient Express.  This time around Kenneth Branagh is Poirot.  And he directs.  I wish they would remake some of her other novels: And Then There Were None, Peril at End House, Sad Cypress, The Man in the Brown Suit, or Death Comes as the End.  Oh well. Releases Nov. 22

Red Sparrow – Based on the historical spy novel by Jason Matthews. Jennifer Lawrence. People have raved to me about the book.

Suburbicon – Written by George Clooney and the Cohen Brothers. Starring Matt Damon.  1950s man plots to kill his wife but he is discovered.  Supposed to be funny.

Suspiria – Remake of the classic Dario Argento horror film.  Cast includes Tilda Swinton.

Thor: Ragnarok – checking in with the Norse gods.

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri – Directed and Written by Martin McDonagh who is responsible for In Bruges.  Which means I want to see it.  A woman (Frances McDormand) whose daughter has been murdered becomes frustrated with the progress of the investigation by the police (Woody Harrelson and Sam Rockwell). She paints 3 messages outside of town.  Violence and (I assume) awesomeness follow.





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