The Netflix and I: The Journey Begins, pt 1

Disclaimer:  No gifts were made to me by  I don’t even get those bonus discs my friends get from time to time.   *grrr* I was inspired by Film Fanatic’s post to reflect a bit on my film watching habits.  Ever since I discovered her site, I’ve wanted a book like Peary’s.  But it’s OK. […]

Watchlist revisited

I made a list of movies that I wanted to see in 2010.  Quick recaps on what happened. Clash of the Titans – Fantasy. Lost interest. Cop Out – Comedy. Universally panned but I thought it was passable.  The bit in the car was high-quality funny. The Crazies – Horror.  The sidekick made this worth […]

Top 10 Witches

Gallery from Eonline via Whedonesque.  Culled from movies and tv shows.  Fairly representative, I think.  If you want more, I have a sexy witches post, taken from comics and animation.

Romantic Movie Gestures that are actually horrifying

Really, I agree with all of the movies on the list. And I have an unabating loathing for Jocelyn. Even so, I like 50 First Dates; Beauty and the Beast and A Knight’s Tale. via Tumblr.

Dictionary of Fun

I participated in Encyclopedia of Me blog carnival hosted by Bella Dia a few years ago.  Now Kat from Kat’s Weblog and Beffer from Befflets are going to post about 26 fun things to do. New!  Crazybay from crazybay46913 has joined our Dictionary of Fun. ABC page— A B C D E F G H […]

Writers who died in 2010

Martin Gardner (1914 – 2010) Mathematician, Science Writer.  His annotation of Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass is highly entertaining. Ruth Park (1917-2010) Author.  Playing Beatie Bow is an excellent time travel story. J. D. Salinger (1919-2010) Author. Catcher in the Rye Sid Fleischman (1920-2010) Author. The Whipping Boy. Newbery medal. Patricia Wrightson (1921-2010) Author (fantasy). […]

Books I read in 2010

I thought I had read very little the past year but this isn’t bad.  158 titles, depending on your judgment of what a ‘real’ book is. I put in bold the titles I especially liked. Juvenile Fiction  (Listed alphabetically by title) Adventures of Captain Underpants by Dav Pilkey Andrew Lost: In the Garden by J. […]


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