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Romeo’s Ex and Drama!

Nightingale by Jerry Pinkney (2002). This was a beautiful picture book version of the classic Hans Christian Anderson tale but set in Morocco. There is a little girl with more than her share of common sense in the story. The symbol of death is a little creepy but otherwise a lovely, lovely book. Drama! the […]

beauty and the beast links

by Alice Chan. A basic version of the tale of Beauty and the Beast. Here is Surlalune Fairy Tales’ annotated version of B+B. A reaction to Robin McKinley’s Beauty: I agree with the blogger that Disney’s film is eerie in its resemblance to McKinley’s book. Here is an excerpt from the novel from McKinley’s website. […]

Serenity, Fables, Love Roma

Serenity: Those Left Behind. Story by Joss Whedon & Brett Matthews. Art by Will Conrad. It had some beautiful artwork but the story was unimpressive. Fables: Legends in Exile. Story by Bill Willingham. Art by Lan Medina. The trouble I had with this one was that it was just a mystery. They didn’t have to […]

5 Book Challenge: Jewels of the Sun

Jewels of the Sun by Nora Roberts What could be more perfect than inheriting a cottage in Ireland? Well, it’s considerably less perfect when it involves the matchmaking prince of the fairies. Jude, miserable because of her recent divorce and professional burnout, quits her job as a university professor. Things would be really bleak except […]

Sorcerers and Secretaries vol. 1

I got this short graphic novel, Sorcerers and Secretaries, at the library and I loved it so much that I bought it and plan to get the sequel soon. Amy Kim Ganter writes and draws the romantic misadventures of a introverted fantasy-lover, Nicole. She works as a secretary and is lonely and unfulfilled so she […]

Ember – online book

Ember is a twisted retelling of Cinderella. In this story Prince Charming is a jerk and Cindrella is a dangerous woman to cross. Dionne Galace (Bam) is hosting the serial Thursday posting of chapters of Bettie Sharpe’s novella. Adrian Juste (Prince Charming) had a “charm” spell placed on him at birth and he did not […]

Cinderella by K Y Craft

This is a traditional Cinderella with beautiful illustrations.  I just love it.


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